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African Sounds

This page provides information on African music and musical adaptation from the essential African music sounds.

We thank the following artists and bands for their shows at the AfricanSounds at Kimballs East as a benefit for Conversations On Africa (COA). We ask you to buy their cds and book them to perform at your events.

Felicite Tchaco affectionally called Fely is a music sensation from Cote d'Ivoire. She began to paint, sing, dance and draw early in her childhood. Her first album 'Amour Perdu' (lost love) released in 1996 in Abidjan was an instant success and it immediately launched her career as singer and dancer. Her second album 'Aude a l'Amour' (Ode to love) recorded and released in Santa Monica, California in 1998 received rave reviews and enthusiastic reception in Cote d'Ivoire where the album was a huge success. As her popularity became evident, she toured West Africa and France performing to delighted fans. Her American debut recording, 'De Zere Gnan', meaning after war (Homage to our forefathers) was recorded in San Francisco where Fely now resides. Visit her site here.

Rudi Mwongozi


Djialy Kunda Kouyate
The Kouyate Twins come from a long family line of "Griots" (known as storytellers of history). The families lineage starts in Mali and expands to Senegal, West Africa where the twins were raised and learned there families history through song and dance. The duo has toured all over the globe as lead dancers with the National Ballet of Senegal and various famous African Artists such as: Yousour Ndour, Ami Koita and Baaba Maal.
Visit them here.

Elias Negash
Elias' musical journey extends many decades that have taken him across many lands. Inspired by his mother who was also a pianist, Elias formed his first group in the 1960's.

Elias has had an eclectic musical background where he has combined his native Ethiopian music, with his Jazz education, and other influences from the world music segment. World.

He later made his television music debut with Murder She Wrote and Natalie Cole's Big Break productions. Elias was also the composer for the Soundtrack of the show Glitz starring Jimmy Smith and Markey Post with the Magyk band. To learn more, visit here.

THE DUNES, the Bay Area’s (and perhaps the United States’) first homegrown North African band does double-groove-duty, melding North African polyrhythmic dance grooves with North American “it's-all-about- the-ONE” old-school funk & rock. It all comes together on stage and on the dance floor in a surprisingly organic mix for an eminently danceable night of musical entertainment. To visit their site, go here.

Kelly Takunda Orphan has been on a long and wondrous musical journey beginning with her Armenian roots to the percussion driven music of West Africa, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean. This, her first recording, reveals a rare breed of musician who carefully and respectfully fuses together music of disparate cultures. The vocals are warm and lush-the rhythm tracks will make you want to dance! To visit her site, go here.

The Definitive Syllart Selection
20 Years of African Music - The Very Best of Syllart Productions, a five-album CD set accompanied by a highly informative 75-page booklet. This is a valuable gift set or collectors item. For more information go here.

Neo-Smooth Jazz singer/songwriter Anna Maria Flechero performs originals and more from her CD, “Journey Into The Fourteenth Hour” with some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians: Jeffrey Chin, acoustic piano; Tim Landis, guitar; Ron Belcher, bass; Marquinho Brasil, percussion; John Groves, synth; and Billy “Shoes” Johnson, drums. “Journey” is a riveting body of work simply to be savored and listened to repeatedly. This music is all about love for every person regardless of age.
For more information, please go here.

Unity Nguyen As vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Unity brings together many traditions from around the world. Visit her site here.

Ayouba and The Blazing Cornerstones
Learn more about brother Auouba... his roots, his biggest influences, and the future of his music. Visit his site here.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Zé Manel is the most famous and influential contemporary musician to emerge from the West African country of Guinea-Bissau. By the age of seven, Zé, playing drums and acoustic guitar, had become the main attraction of Super Mama Djombo band. During the 1970's, this seminal orchestra played a major role in the liberation struggle of this former Portuguese colony.

In 1982, Zé released his first solo album Tustumunhos di Aonti (Yesterday's Testimony), which sounded the alarm over the formation of a new repressive ruling class in Guinea-Bissau. The album was a national event (people in Guinea-Bissau today still sing the songs from this soulful, relevant album), but the political environment was heating up and Manel's fans were concerned for his safety. Manel fled his homeland. This self-exile took him to Portugal, France and, finally, the United States. To learn more, visit here.

VUKANI MAWETHU is a nonprofit multiracial choir which sings the freedom songs of Southern Africa, primarily of South Africa in Zulu, Xhosa, Sethu, and English, and also gospel, spirituals, labor and civil rights songs linking peoples in the U.S., South Africa, and around the world. They can be reached here.


Weekly shows, DJ's & radio stations that play African music

KKUP 91.5 FM
Monday 3-6pm
Echoes of Africa
Emmanuel Nado

KPOO 89.5 FM
Monday 7-9pm
Jazz, Reggae with Feeve

KPFA 94.1 FM
Mon - Fri 10am-12pm
Music of the World

KALW 94.7 FM
Thursday 9 - Midnight
Kompo Beat with
Henri-Pierre Koubaka